Brilliant Black Boys

The Brilliant Black Boys Initiative is the social-impact arm of Africa On My Back that seeks to ensure young African-American males have the opportunity to study abroad. We believe that through international travel, our young men will have the opportunity to develop a greater sense of self-identity, gain international exposure as well as become global citizens.  Our company believes all Black boys are innately talented, innovative and brilliant because of their ancestral heritage and this is one way for them to begin to walk in their brilliance.

Therefore, we have committed to donate 10% of each backpack sale towards the Brilliant Black Boys Initiative.




Trip Overview & Cost: The Brilliant Black Boys who are selected will travel to Ghana, West Africa for two weeks during the summer. The opportunity will consist of visits to museums, universities, historical sites, and nature reserves. A detailed itinerary will be given to students upon acceptance. The total cost of the trip is $3,500 per participant.

Applications are open between January 15 - February 15th. 

Application Requirements:

1. Submit a completed online application.

2. Provide two letters of recommendation from the child's mentorship program. Letters may emailed to

3. Raise funds toward their trip expenses.